The Guitar Accelerator

Ever wanted to learn guitar but felt like it’s out of reach? Saw your friends play and wanted to join in but feel like it’s going to take too much time?

The Guitar Accelerator is designed to efficiently and effectively teach you guitar, taking you from not even knowing how to hold a guitar to playing your first tune quicker than you can say EADGBE! 

James has put together a simple step-by-step method that’s one of the easiest I’ve found online. Most are way too complicated and or super expensive. My advice would be, if you’re keen to learn or simply improve your skills, sign up to this course and make a start, you will be jamming in no time and impressing yourself as well as your mates.

Warren, Guitar Accelerator Student

James, can’t tell you how much I’ve gotten from this course…

Alfred, Guitar Accelerator Student